Summary of the essentials!

The ten points for Parents!
1. Send in Registration Form and pay deposit
2. Receive squad and flight details
3. Order kit (deadline is 22nd May 2022)
4. If parents are going contact [email protected] to order Opening Ceremoney tickets and enquire about hotels
5. Parents arrange their trip
6. If son/daughter is not flying with the team check your drop off time and arrange flights
7. Arrange insurance for the player (see insurance page)
8. Pay balance for Training Camp in January
9. Pay balance for Gothia Cup in April
10. Order a pre-pay currency card and make sure passport is valid and check if players’ European Health Card is valid. If not apply for a UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC)

Valid Passports:  A passport must meet two requirements.

  • less than 10 years old on the day you enter (check the ‘date of issue’)
  • valid for at least 3 months after the day you plan to leave (check the ‘expiry date’)

Parents. It is completley optional for parents to attend the Gothia Cup. While it’s great to have so many supporters in Gothenburg there is no expectation or need for parents to attend.

Before the trip parents who wish to attend should ensure that they have sure that they bought their Opening Ceremony tickets. and Gothia Cup braclets. These are available from the official UK travel agent up to 31st May by emailing [email protected] After this date tickets can only be purchased from the Heden Centre in Gothenburg.

At the airport Check the Flight Details which will be published on this site  to find out where and with whom you should register at the airport. Players must attend in their team  tracksuit and polo shirt and ensure they have their passport, European Health Card and money already changed into Swedish kroner. We also recommend some sterling to spend in the airport. Players should have one holdall bag and one hand luggage bag (their District rucksack/holdall).

Parents’ Party Details for 2022 will be announced nearer the time.  The Party will take place on the Sunday evening, the night before the first matches. It’s a great way to meet other parents and start the week with some fun!

Parents should remember to bring their St Georges flags!

Parents in Gothenburg We don’t expect parents to see the players over the first weekend, so we suggest you use the weekend to look around Gothenburg and to visit the Heden Centre on Sunday to pick up a map.

Gothia Cup Opening Ceremony 2016Gothia Cup/Opening Ceremony tickets. Parents wishing to attend the Opening Ceremony should purchase tickets before 31st May by emailing: [email protected] 

Finding your match. Fixtures and maps to venues can be found at or maps can be bought at the Heden Centre.

At the matches We ask parents to stand on the opposite side to the coaching staff, and we do not expect parents to talk to the players before or during the match, even when they are a substitute. We do expect plenty of St George’s flags and lots of positive support for all the players from the touchline! Following the match the Head Coach will come to the parents side of the pitch to explain the plan for the rest of the day. Please wait until the Head Coach has come to you, as he will need to organise the players’ cool down, deal with any injuries and ensure they have taken on fluids before coming to speak to the parents.

Win or lose, parents' support can make this a trip the players will never forget

We hope that parents will watch as many games as possible and support all the District teams in their matches!

Keeping up with the score All parents are strongly recommended to download the Gothia Cup App, which includes fixtures and live match updates. The Gotha Cup website also offers live streaming for some matches.

What to bring

Spending Money Although we recommend bringing some kronas in small notes, all players will need a pre-paid currency card. Most shops in Gothenburg do not take cash. This allows parents to cancel the card if it gets lost, monitor spending and top-up if required. Expenditure will be minimal while they are in the tournament but will be mainly on snacks, drinks, souvenirs, rides at the theme park and trips out (crazy golf/laser quest). The amount the players spend will therefore increase if the team is knocked out of the tournament (this only applies to B13 teams ad older).  The meals in the school run from Sunday dinner until Saturday breakfast, so outside of these days players will need to purchase their own food which we will help them to do. Further information is available at WHAT TO BRING.

Insurance Due to changes in financial regulations, we are no longer able to include insurance within the cost of the trip. Therefore, to reduce administration, provide more choice of insurance for parents, prevent ‘double-booking’ where players are already covered by existing policies and to simply the issue of parents having to declare pre-existing medical conditions, we are asking parents to arrange their own insurance. Check out our insurance page for more detials.

Communication Players may bring a basic mobile phone, although players will not be allowed to use them all the time and as a minimum they will be collected in before bedtime until the morning. Do remember that the players will be very busy, so don’t worry if they don’t call or text you! Please also ensure you remember that most children use text messaging differently to adults so please don’t expect to text you like an adult. We’d recommend talking to your child before the trip about use of their phone. The school accommodation usually has a wifi connection. In the case of an emergency (only) parents can contact Dan Abraham on 07880-565751.

Airport pick-up We ask parents to be at the arrivals hall no later than 45 minutes after the flight is due to land. Each team will come into the arrivals hall as a group, so why not give them a clap when they appear! Please let the Head Coach know you are taking your son before leaving with him.

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