Guide for parents attending

The Gothia World Youth Cup is the World Cup of youth football and offers players and spectators an unforgettable experience both on and off the pitch!

For parents it is also a trip of a lifetime!

Tickets Spectators do not need tickets for the matches, but will need a ticket for the Opening Ceremony which is on the Monday night, after the first matches have been played that day. These can be ordered up to 31st May by emailing [email protected]

It is strongly recommended that you download the Gothia Cup App, which gives full details about matches, results, goalscorers, where matches are being played and lots more.

Valid Passports:  A passport must meet two requirements.

  • less than 10 years old on the day you enter (check the ‘date of issue’)
  • valid for at least 3 months after the day you plan to leave (check the ‘expiry date’)

Don’t forget to bring your St George’s flags!!

Parents’ Party. Our Party will be at Hard Rock Cafe from 6.30pm to 8.30pm on Sunday 17th July. It’s was a great way to meet other parents and start the week with some fun! There will even be Shuffleboards to play. Full details and directions  are available here.

The Opening Ceremony (held in the Ullevi Stadium – host to the 2004 UEFA Cup Final and Final of EURO 92) is on the Monday evening. As the event will be watched by a sell-out 52,000 spectator, it is important that parents buy their tickets (Gothia Bracelet) before 31st May  (by emailing [email protected]),  although sometimes last minute tickets can be bought at the Heden Centre in the Centre of Gothenburg.

Gothia Cup Card – When you purchase an Opening Ceremony ticket you also receive a Card (or braclet). This is vital for any visitor to the Gothia Cup, and parents are advised to purchase their Opening Ceremony ticket along with the Gothia braclet from World Youth Tournaments ([email protected]) as early as possible. The Braclet not only gives access to the Gothenburg transport system, discounts to tourist attractions and free entry to the Theme Park.

If they have not sold out parents maybe able to purchase Opening Ceremony tickets/Gothia braclets from the Central Information at Heden Centre. However we strongly recommend pre-ordering your card from World Youth Tournaments. If you book accommodation through World Youth Tournaments, they will include a ticket and braclet for everyone in your party in your package.

Accommodation – It is recommended from our past experience that parents book into City Centre hotels, ideally near Central Station or The Heden Centre. Over 100 pitches are used for the Gothia Cup, but all of them can be reached through various transport means from the City Centre. The tournament has it’s own transport system, and in addition parents can use public trams and buses with their Gothia Cup Braclet. Although some parents prefer the flexibility of a car, in our experience parents do not need a car for attend the Gothia Cup. World Youth Tournaments, who offer accommodation in the City Centre will be pleased to assist and help you find a hotel which suits your needs.

Heden Centre – A must-visit during your trip. This is where to pick up your maps and tournament programme on arrival. Although the “Tournament Centre” you will only see a small number of matches here. You are certain, however,  to see some fantastic games as many of the ‘showcase’ matches are held here, often attracting thousands of spectators. Also at the Heden Centre are various Information Desks, as well as shops and activities. The Heden Centre bus stop is also where many of the bus routes to the pitches will start.

Gothenburg Is the second largest City in Sweden and offers a great deal for parents and families to do away from the football.

The tourist information website is very helpful

Lots of parents with non-playing children have previously enjoyed going to the islands. Take tram number 11 west to the end of the line (stop Saltholmen) and there are boats leaving regularly for the islands. You can even use your Gothia Cup Bracelets on the boats to travel without charge. There are lots of islands to choose from but most people go to Fran Styro Bratten which has a small beach, stunning views and a cafe and restaurant.

Here is an article in the Daily Telegraph about the City

Local Time – Gothenburg will be one hour ahead of GMT

Taxi – Gothia Cup recommends that you use one of the following taxi companies:

Taxi Goteborg +46(0)31 65 0000 / VIP Taxi +46(0)31 27 16 11 / Taxi Kurir +46(0)31 27 27 27

Transportation Transportation in Gothenburg is easy with the use of local buses and trams.  They cover the whole city and there is always a stop close by the School and pitches.  All public transportation is included with the Gothia Cup Bracelet.  There are also the Gothia Cup’s own buses – Gothia Line – that run between schools and playing fields as a compliment to the public transportation system.  Schedules for local trams and buses can be found in the schools or on the website

Gothia Cup App provides real time information on matches at the tournament as well as maps and pitch locations.

Getting to Gothenburg

There are plenty of airlines (including BA, SAS and Ryanair)
who fly to Gothenburg and plenty of hotels to suit a range of budgets.

Parents may wish to make their own arrangements or book through ‘World Youth Tournaments’ who are the official travel agent for the tournament. If you book through them, they will include tickets for the Opening Ceremony and a ‘Gothia Card’ (permitting use of the City’s transport system) with your booking.

World Youth Tournaments can be contacted by emailing Jim Hackett at
[email protected]

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