‘A’ Squad Selection following trials at Worth School on Sunday 9th October.

With 162 players to choose from, the selectors had a very difficult task. The overall standard was very high indeed.

Squad numbers are in brackets.

Under 11 ‘A’ Squad

Callum Hall (18) Bede’s Prep
Flynn Sweeting (14) Bede’s Prep
Luca Anderson (8) Copthorne Prep
Cassian Robinson (15) Great Walstead
Henry Rogers (6) Great Walstead
Finlay Coburn (12) Handcross Park
Ben Hardman (16) Handcross Park
Alex Hayter (38) Handcross Park
Henry Collins (1) Saint Ronans
Archie Wilson (11) Saint Ronans
Oliver Maynard (10) Solefield School
Charlie Maidens (4) St Andrew’s Prep
Rufus Piper (5) St Andrew’s Prep
Charlie Paye (17) St Michael’s Prep
Harry Wilkinson (7) St Michael’s Prep
James O’Connell (9) The New Beacon


Under 12 ‘A’ Squad

Oliver Cash (1) Ardingly College
Ethan Cowdrey (34) Ardingly College
Oscar Lilly (18) Brighton College
Toyo Oloko (7) Brighton College
Archie Wells (16) Claremont Fan
Ben Boxall (12) Cobham Free
Hugo Few (35) Danes Hill
Magnus Pedersen (30) Danes Hill
Manuel Morales Calero (6) Dover College
Wilf Batham-Read (14) Great Walstead
Henry Olliff (2) Lancing Prep
Alfie Bendle (4) St Andrew’s Prep
Ethan Dando (8) St Andrew’s Prep
Oliver Pryal (29) St Michael’s
Henry Nott (9) The New Beacon
Hugo De Vito (27) Worth School
Anu Otto (7) Worth School


Under 13 ‘A’ Squad

Louis Castro (19) Colfes
Samuel Wiltshire (25) Great Walstead
Zachariah Collins (22) Copthorne School
Beau Heaver (35) Copthorne School
Thomas Morley (10) Hall Grove
Dan Brewer (2) Brighton College Prep
Zac Coxen (41) St Andrews Prep
Faris Khallouqi (40) Lancing College Prep
Bradley Smith (7) Copthorne Prep
Rory Wade (37) Danes Hill
Caleb Tanner (18) Worth School
Fraser Bailey (22) St Michael’s Prep
Max Fry (16) St Michael’s Prep
Andrew Bell (6) Rose Hill
Conor Driscoll (38) St Michael’s
John Strang (14) Handcross Park


For the most talented Independent School footballers across Kent, Surrey & Sussex