Trip to Gothia Cup

Gothia Cup 2022 is from 18th July to 23rd July. It is our intention for teams to depart on 15th, 16th or 17th July depending on flight availability and return the following weekend. Matches start on Monday 18th July. The team will return the following weekend.

Each player is allocated to a team for the Gothia Cup trip.

Each team be supervised and looked after by a minimum of two members of staff who are specifically responsible for the players in their team.

Details of the Staff allocated to each team will be published on the team’s squad page before the trip.

Each player will have access to a Sports Therapist or Chartered Physiotherapist during the trip.

Outside of matches the staff will conduct training sessions, football based workshops and leisure activities for the players.

Each player receives a Gothia Cup bracelet which covers their participate in the tournament and use of the tournament transport system and Gothenburg City public transport. The bracelet also offers other benefits such as a reduction on the cost of the theme park and discounts at tourist attractions.

The players stay in a School in Gothenburg. Further details are available at this link Our Accommodation

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided in the School canteen from Sunday evening to Saturday breakfast during the tournament. If players arrive before Sunday evening, or leave after Saturday breakfast they will need to purchase their own food. Our staff will help them to do this.

A list of what to bring is available at this link: What To Bring

Players might be interested in this programme about Jamie Johnson playing at the Gothia Cup

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